Preliminary drifting.

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  • Empire State Of Mind.

    Empire State Of Mind.

    Jay Z. Empire State of Mind. //// Yeah, I’m out that Brooklyn, now I’m down in Tribeca / Right next to De Niro, but I’ll be hood forever / I’m the new Sinatra, and since I made it here / I can make it anywhere, yeah, they love me everywhere /I used to cop in…

  • In This Town. I know myself.

    In This Town. I know myself.

    Hildegard Knef, In dieser Stadt, 1966 /// Empty, colorful cigarette boxes / and crumpled butter bread paper / on the way to school, that we daily went, / I see it before my eyes, like it was today; / and we picked from the patch in front of the station / the birthday bouquet for…

  • Images du Cornillon.

    Images du Cornillon.

    Marc Pataut is a french artist and photographer. One of his well-known photographic projects is Images du Cornillon sur le terrain, which was exhibited at documenta X in 1997. Pataut documented the transformation of the 25-hectare Cornillon gasworks industrial wasteland near Saint Denis, north of Paris, over an extended period of time. Announced in 1993,…

  • Paris In a Ferrari.

    Paris In a Ferrari.

    On an August morning in 1976, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris.

  • Empire of Light.

    Empire of Light.

    “Film. It’s just static frames, with darkness in between,” Toby Jones’ projector operator character says at one point in a voiceover. But if run at 24 frames per second, an illusion of light and motion results on the cinema screen. “An illusion of life, so you don’t see the darkness.” (Empire of Light, Director Sam…

  • Nanterre 2023.

    Nanterre 2023.

    France football captain Kylian Mbappé and Les Bleus urged for an end to violence and called for „dialogue and reconstruction“ on Friday, June 30, as France was hit by a fourth night of protests after the fatal police shooting of a teenager earlier this week. (Le Monde July 1, 2023)

  • Georges Lapassade.

    Georges Lapassade.

    When hip-hop joined the university and the university became a hip-hop laboratory. The bulletin provides an overview of all the practices related to the hip-hop mouvement including drawings and essay by the legendary Georges Lapassade, among many others. via zarbibooks »»

  • Beat Street.

    Beat Street.

    Harry Belafonte interview on producing “Beat Street” movie about early 80s New York City hip hop culture. Includes brief „Beat Street“ clips. It is widely regarded as the best film about the 80s breakdancing scene. (1984).

  • human relationships.

    human relationships.

    »For me… a work of art can itself constitute a model of human relationships.« British artist Stephen Willats (b.1943) richly complex works combine modular abstraction with pictures and texts that tell the life stories of our own neighbourhoods. Inspired by cybernetics and communication theory, Willats has deployed photography, architecture and abstraction to examine ‘the function…

  • CITY Symphony.

    CITY Symphony.

    Walther Ruttmann’s documentary film from 1927 describes a day in the big city of Berlin, which experienced an industrial boom in the 1920s, and still provides an insight into living and working conditions at that time. Ruttmann conceived his film as a documentary work of art intended to portray the big city of Berlin as…

  • Music AND the city.

    Music AND the city.

    The Walkman turned 40 in 2019 — and each of us got his/her own soundtrack to the city. » More and more people where discovering that about the only spot they’ve got is between their ears.« Read more about listening to music has totally changed over the years »»

  • For A City to Come.

    For A City to Come.

    It is the invisible structure of urban environment – hidden from view in the same manner as the blackness of film negative conceals the whiteness of positive print – that disrupts the emergence of new forms of thinking, or acting, and thus causes any form of artistic practice to be either complicit or impossible. […] corridors…

  • wasteland to dancefloor.

    wasteland to dancefloor.

    »Movement: From wasteland to dancefloor, 1984-1989«. Through the sublime period shots of Yoshi Omori and the words of Marc Boudet and Jay One Ramier, Mouvement is a poignant testimony of the first hours of glory of Parisian Hip-Hop and an exceptional archive of the graffiti scene of the early 80s. read more»»

  • friches urbaines.

    friches urbaines.

    […] Audrey Muratet explores and studies the composition and dynamics of biodiversity in cities. She extends her work as an ecologist and botanist by bringing together in her research the approaches of geographers, sociologists, anthropologists, managers, and artists. Myr Muratet is a Paris-based photographer. The comings and goings in the places that he observes multiply…

  • alorS on danse.

    alorS on danse.

    Breaking, Bboying – Krump, Electro Dance, House? Litefeet, Waacking? Punking, Voguing, Locking? Tutting, Shuffling? Videos taken during BOMA MUTU BATTLE DE DANSE at Le 6b, Saint Denis, April 9, 2023 A brief overview of some of the dance styles you mentioned put together by AI Chat GPT: Breaking/Bboying: Breaking originated in the Bronx in the…



    To live, every being must put out a line, and in life these lines tangle with one another. This book is a study of the life of lines. Following on from Tim Ingold’s groundbreaking work Lines: A Brief History, it offers a wholly original series of meditations on life, ground, weather, walking, imagination and what…

  • Virtual Dance.

    Virtual Dance.

    During this socially distanced and extremely online time, TikTok has emerged as the uncontested social media platform of the moment—and thus TikTok dance challenges, long the domain of Gen Z, have become omnipresent on the Internet at large. read more »»

  • Visibility.


    Who needs the streets anymore, who the city – to show what you can. Who needs to place cardboard or vinyl on the asphalt to creat a stage, to get visible. Who needs public spaces if there’s TikTok to create your own private stage, your own audience, to get visible? Who owns the cities? How…

  • Making Something.

    Making Something.

    In »Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing«, 1997, Francis Alÿs pushed a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City for 9 hours until it completely melted.

  • Birdman.


    Birdman director Alejandro G. Iñárritu originally conceived the film as a comedy filmed in a single shot set in a theatre following the character of Riggan Thomson, a faded actor famous for playing a superhero named Birdman in a film trilogy from 1989 to 1992. While the film used camera tricks and illusion to make…

  • Walk in Konohana.

    Walk in Konohana.

    »A walk with Henguchi« Henguchi is a Japanese artist and poet, who introduced us to Konohana, a local district in Osaka, quite central, near the harbor, surrounded by rivers and water. Some years ago we very briefly met British sociologist Iza Kavedžija  on a street in Konohana  who did some research there for her paper …

  • Elephant.


    Elephant is a 2003 American psychological drama film written, directed, and edited by Gus Van Sant. It takes place in Watt High School in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and chronicles the events surrounding a school shooting, based in part on the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

  • Ausfegen.


    Après le passage du cortège place Karl-Marx, Joseph Beuys et deux de ses étudiants entament le balayage de la place. Les déchets sont réunis dans des sacs de son groupe politique, l’Organisation pour la Démocratie Directe, avant d’être répandus dans la galerie René Block. L’artiste, qui souhaite l’avènement d’un « socialisme démocratique libre » par…

  • No Dance Law.

    No Dance Law.

    In Japan dance has been forbidden in nightclubs with dancefloors smaller than 66 square meters, or nightclubs that operate after 1am (midnight in some areas) While this rule has been mostly ignored for 50 years, arous 2011 it started to be enforced by the police in Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo. more »» more about this…

  • Illegal Dancing.

    Illegal Dancing.

    Five Tehran girls were reported to have voiced contrition after posting a dance video that went viral among Iranian social media users. It’s illegal for women to dance in public in Iran, but the video has inspired others across the country to post similar videos with the same song.

  • The True story…

    The True story…

    In May 1987 a rap concert by Run DMC and the Beasty Boys escalated at the Grand Rex in Paris. A moment that has become a legend for how different the understanding of Hip Hop was in America and in France. The concert of Run DMC and The Beastie Boys at the Grand Rex in…

  • 42.195 km

    42.195 km

    The 42.195 km route of this iconic Olympic event is particularly demanding for this 2024 edition in Paris: 436 metres of ascent, 438 metres of descent and a maximum gradient of 13.5%. The race starts at Paris City Hall and finishes on the Esplanade des Invalides after passing many landmark sites including the Palais Garnier opera house, the…

  • Move: 84 KM en banlieue.

    Move: 84 KM en banlieue.

    Other than the official marathon route our personal ultra-marathon took us through the banlieue not along the ‚landmark sites‘ of Paris. These banlieue which are currently experiencing big transformations and where some major Olympic arenas and stadiums are build. These banlieue where the Hip Hop Culture in France started which is now an olympic discipline…

  • Freeze: 185 km de voies olympiques

    Freeze: 185 km de voies olympiques

    Freeze in a different way: L’organisation des Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques risque de perturber fortement la circulation en Île-de-France pendant plus de deux mois, entre juillet et septembre 2024. Au total, 185 km de voies en région parisienne seront réservées aux personnes accréditées, aux transports et aux secours. read more »»

  • Olympic Rings, 1985

    Olympic Rings, 1985

    Basquiat & Warhol, Olympic Rings, 1985 Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas, 81 ⅛ × 183 ½ inches (206 × 466 cm) The Collaboration Paintings were a physical conversation happening in paint instead of words between Basquiat and Warhol between 1984 and 1985. Warhol’s contribution to the collaborations can be seen in his distinctive technique of…

  • Nouveau Western.

    Nouveau Western.

    […] Le western moderne est installé dans le secteur // Quand la ville dort, les trains ne sifflent pas. […] Mais Harry à Paris n’a pas eu de chance // On le stoppe sur le périph‘ avec sa diligence // Parfois la vie ressemble à une balle perdue // Dans le système moderne se noie…

  • Dérive.


    For the Situationists, the dérive was a revolutionary technique to combat the malaise and boredom of the society of the spectacle. Dérives are necessary, according to Situationist theory, because of the increasingly predictable and monotonous experience of everyday life in advanced capitalism.

  • Périphérique Compressed.

    Périphérique Compressed.

    When you are in the Banlieue of Paris, and there is a massive strike. What to do?Video by Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber. March 25, 2023. 12:05 pm – 12:45 pm

  • Drive and Listen.

    Drive and Listen.

    Driving through cities worldwide on your computer-screen, by car, on motorcycles or by bicycle – not only in Paris or Tokyo. visit »»

  • Towards the City.

    Towards the City.

    Towards the City by Yutaka Takanashi published in 1974 is a book about economics, consumption and the inevitable price paid for the economic boom in polluted skies and a land strewn with waste and detritus.The striking disc on the front of the large book presumably represents the rising sun of Japan, or the rising sun of…

  • écrire la danse.

    écrire la danse.

    Dance has its own systems of notation. The Romans already wrote down their dance steps, but the first writing systems proved to be insufficient. And it was not until the 20th century that not only the dance but all movement was recorded. Connected association: Catherine Anahid Berberian was an American mezzo-soprano and composer based in…

  • Moonwalk.


    The moonwalk, also known as the back-slide, is a breakdance style dance move consisting of a backward sliding step. The first person to perform a similar dance step was the French mime Etienne Decroux in the 1930s.

  • Litefeet.


    Also known as, ‘Getting lite’, Litefeet is a style of street dance that emerged from Harlem, New York in the early 2000s. Originally performed in the subways of New York, this style of dance has moved from subway to mainstream culture. read more »»

  • DU SALE.

    DU SALE.

    The director Marion Siéfert created in collaboration with the dancer Janice Bieleu and the rapper Laëtitia Kerfa a. k. a. Original Laeti the theatrical work DU SALE ! (Real Shit!) and provides a stage for their complex biographies. The concentrated staging tells the story of harsh realities and gentle dreams, of beauty, hope and a…

  • Metro Swaggers.

    Metro Swaggers.

    with Emelyne Hivanhoé, Rizlaine Terraz, Amira Majeri, Julie Moreau, Johanna Faye and Marion Motin from SWAGGERS, and all female dance crew from Paris (Charenton); filmed by Yoram Savion, Kash Gaines and Benjamin Tarquin.

  • the birth of hip-hop.

    the birth of hip-hop.

    It was 11 August 1973 and Cindy Campbell was throwing a back to school party. She had asked her brother to DJ the event, which would be held in the recreation room of their building at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. Cindy planned to charge admission at the door — a quarter for girls,…

  • In the Bronx Museum

    In the Bronx Museum

    »Since Baudelaire’s poetry -in poems such as A une passante– the streets of modern cities have been a recurrent subject in both literature and visual arts. With the arrival of avant-garde movements, the streets became a privileged space for trying experiments heading towards the socialization of art.  The attempt of integrating art and life, initiated…

  • Cycling the Frame.

    Cycling the Frame.

    In 1988 Tilda Swinton hopped on her bike to trace the 160 km Western radius of the Berlin Wall with friend and filmmaker Cynthia Beatt for Cycling the Frame. The quiet indie film juxtaposes the two countries by showing a carefree and even playful West Berlin against the nearly 12-ft high concrete barrier, policed by…

  • GERRY.


    Two friends, both named Gerry, drive in silence through a seemingly endless landscape. When they see the sign “Wilderness” they get out and start hiking to see a “thing” at the end of the trail. They walk, talk, smoke and run – but when they decide they’ve had enough, they realize that they are lost.…

  • Rockit.


    “I do what I want to do. I’m interested in people, I’m interested in music, I’m interested in learning about music and learning about myself,” Hancock told NME in 1983. His musical curiosity has led him through classical music, jazz, electronic music, rock, funk, disco and hip-hop.  His 1983 hit single, “Rockit” not only earned…

  • Fremd im eigenen Land.

    Fremd im eigenen Land.

    Advanced Chemistry was a hip-hop crew from Heidelberg, Germany, founded in 1987 and considered one of the pioneers of German hip-hop. They made their breakthrough with the single »Foreigner in my own country« released in 1992.

  • The Great Wall Walk.

    The Great Wall Walk.

    The Lovers, The Great Wall Walk marks the end of the intimate and artistic relationship between two pioneers of performance art, Marina Abramović and Ulay. In 1988 the duo was granted permission to walk the Great Wall of China. They started at opposite ends of the famous wall and walked towards each other. After a…



    This mini-series by Marianne Lüdcke (1979) tells the story of the friendship between two teenagers, Joachim, called Schocker, and Richy, who live with their families in a poor settlement on the outskirts of West Berlin. Problems with parents and friends, alcoholism and unemployment determine their everyday lives. They dream of one day being able to…

  • Peripherie wanderung.

    Peripherie wanderung.

    Already during his studies, Peter Piller realized his first peripheral walks, first in Hamburg in 1994, later in the Ruhr Region, Barcelona, Graz and Bonn. These walks are recorded in pictures, writing and sound. Piller is particularly interested in the transition between civilisation and nature, city and village, built-up and unsettled land, as well as…

  • Mapping.


    One of the most inspring artists for painting art-related timelines and mappings about music, art, cities or history for us is the American artist Ward Shelly »»

  • Universal Tongue.

    Universal Tongue.

    Twerking, vogue, Fortnite, flash mobs, a Sufi or musical chairs. Visual artist Anouk Kruithof is fascinated by dance as a form of self-expression and empowerment, which has led her to research dance styles from all over the world. The dance-conclave and video installation Universal Tongue leads us through the jungle of the internet. It explores…



    Clément Cogitore adapte une courte partie de ballet des »Indes galantes« de Jean-Philippe Rameau, avec le concours d’un groupe de danseurs de Krump, et de trois chorégraphes : Bintou Dembele, Grichka et Brahim Rachiki. Le Krump est une danse née dans les ghettos de Los Angeles dans les années 90. Sa naissance résulte des émeutes…

  • لا شيء يزعجني مع دنغل

    لا شيء يزعجني مع دنغل

    Video by Middle Eastern Rapper The Synaptik. With Dancer & Choreographer Amina Abuelghar. more about The Synaptic»» more about Amina Abuelghar »»

  • Rize.


    Rize is a 2005 American documentary film by David LaChapelle, and starring Lil‘ C, Tommy the Clown and Miss Prissy. It documents the culture and competition surrounding two dance forms known as Clowning and Krumping.

  • Posse 501.

    Posse 501.

    The Posse 501 was a French hip-hop collective from Villeneuve-Saint-Georges / Val-de-Marne. Over the years, it brought together rappers such as Soon E MC, Strike, Bambi Cruz and Ménélik, but also DJs and composers such as DJ Seeq and Jimmy Jay, as well as the rapper and singer Melaaz, and several dancers and graffiti artists.…

  • Aktuel Force.

    Aktuel Force.

    Aktuel Force is a historic French group that has left its mark on hip hop dance. From the underground to choreographic creation, from transmission to events, Aktuel Force embodies the French touch. It has imposed its virtuoso, fluid style, combining strength, smoothness and polyrhythm in France and abroad.

  • First Rap ever.

    First Rap ever.

    »The song ‚Noah‘ by the American music group The Jubalaires, which was active in the 1940s and 1950s, is known as the first rap song in history.«



    Printed tutorials, books, and magazines have been a significant part of the hip hop culture in teaching kids how to dance correctly. Hip hop dance is a highly stylized and technical form of dance that requires a lot of practice and dedication to master. While many people learn hip hop dance from watching music videos…

  • Time.


    Klaus Rinke is a German artist who used the movement of the body, captured through performance and photographs, as a means to express the passing of time.

  • How To…

    How To…

    »As an introduction, a conversation in a café to situate the first experiences. Everything then takes place in the Ménagerie de Verre in Paris where Junior Almeïda, Gabin Nuissier and other members of Aktuel Force and the Boogies Lockers show, in a few chapters, the development and maturity of a dance style that has both…

  • Youth and Death.

    Youth and Death.

    In four abstract minutes Marcel Marceau progresses through the seven ages of man, relying on nuances of gait and posture to convey each stage. Youth, Maturity, Old Age, and Death (1965).



    Video by Deichkind and Lard Eidinger: Performance intervention in the city.

  • In the Banlieues.

    In the Banlieues.

    Regardless of what they are called—suburbs, outskirts, banlieues—this exhibition highlights the symbolic reversal of the center and the periphery through an exploration of how Oakland, California, and Saint-Denis, near Paris, are asserting their influence and inventing solutions to the challenges of inequity and accelerated urban development that metropolises are facing through artistic movements, social struggles,…

  • Thinking without Words.

    Thinking without Words.

    In her book »Paul Celan und der chinesische Engel« Yoko Tawada writes: Walking is Thinking without Words. more about Yoko Tawada »»

  • From here to here.

    From here to here.

    Jim Jarmusch’s Permanent Vacation follows two and a half days in the life of Aloysious Parker in New York, a young wanderer with no home, no school, and no job. At the age of sixteen, Allie drifts into and out of strange encounters with other misfits; almost all of them exiles from the daily, working…

  • Ca peut plus dure.

    Ca peut plus dure.

    Video clip by KASH Leone feat Dj RAGE in support of the workers of PSA of Aulnay sous Bois in fight against the closing of their factory.

  • Dancing in Peckham.

    Dancing in Peckham.

    Dancing in Peckham shows Wearing dancing for 25 minutes without music in a London shopping centre. She had seen a woman dancing by herself, completely unselfconsciously, at the Royal Festival Hall and, unable to capture the moment, decided to recreate it. The film explores the idea of acting as if in private while in a…

  • Long Distance Runner.

    Long Distance Runner.

    The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe, published in 1959 focuses on Smith, a poor Nottingham teenager from a dismal home in a working class area, who has bleak prospects in life and few interests beyond petty crime. The boy experiences social alienation and turns to long-distance running as a method of both…

  • Freeze the Move.

    Freeze the Move.

    For 100 years, historians considered these photographs by Eadweard Muybridge to be scientific studies of the body in motion. The exhibition Freeze Frame: Eadweard Muybridge’s Photography of Motion provides an introduction to the Smithsonian’s Muybridge collection. more »»

  • Gounedi Traoré.

    Gounedi Traoré.

    Committed to the inhabitants of Clichy/Montf, and particularly those of the Bosquets district, Gounedi Traoré was one of those who walked the streets of Clichy to calm the youth during the 2005 riots.

  • Breaking in Africa.

    Breaking in Africa.

    From Cape Town to Casablanca, from Goma to Algiers, the new series on arte Bboys & Bgirls Africa traces the history of breakdancing on the African continent and gets to know personalities. read more»» A short clip from an arte documentary about Hio-Hop in Algeria, Marocco, Nigeria, South Africa or Kongo – also about their…

  • Grands Ensembles.

    Grands Ensembles.

    Mc Solaar: Ils s’étaient rencontrés sur les bancs d’l’écoleEntre une heure de colle, de maths ou un cours d’espagnolC’était une fille fun, fana de footballLui ne craignait pas les balles, c’était le goalCe qu’il lui promettait c’était des ballades en CorvettePour l’instant en survêt‘, il volait des mobylettesMais entre eux c’était toujours complicitéEscale sur un…

  • Neue Heimat.

    Neue Heimat.

    »Neue Heimat« was Europe’s largest housing company, non-profit and in DGB / union-hands. In 1982 mismanagement and self-enrichment was exposed. The company broke up – and left a huge social gap in Germany. read more »»

  • Go Home Polish.

    Go Home Polish.

    Michał Iwanowski came across some graffiti in Cardiff that said: ‘Go home, Polish.’ So he did. The 105-day slog almost broke him – but it restored his faith in a volatile, fractured Europe. read more »»

  • transformation and magic.

    transformation and magic.

    An artist who is anti-art, an activist who is also an aesthete, Yvonne Rainer is a combative, contrarian and confounding figure whose work has crossed from choreography to cinema and back again. She has never been popular but she has, for a very long time, been influential. read more »»

  • Bande de filles.

    Bande de filles.

    This film focusses on the life of Marieme a teenage girl who lives in a rough neighbourhood on the outskirts of Paris. The film discusses and challenges conceptions of race, gender and class.

  • En Place.

    En Place.

    En place prolonge d’une certaine façon la réflexion entamée dans le premier long-métrage de l’acteur (coréalisé avec John Wax) à travers la trajectoire fulgurante de Stéphane Blé, un éducateur de banlieue venu dynamiter le jeu politique français en passant la barre du premier tour de l’élection présidentielle. le monde »»

  • Dance a Painting.

    Dance a Painting.

    French artist Louis-Kantigui (kanti) Dembélé »avait parfois le sentiment que la danse breaking, avait une place à part dans le monde de la culture.« more »»

  • Chariots of Fire.

    Chariots of Fire.

    Chariots of Fire tells the story of two very different men who compete as runners in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Eric Liddell believes that his athletic abilities are a gift from God, and that using that gift to win the gold medal will be his way of repaying that gift. Harold Abrahams is an English…

  • 東京オリンピック


    Tokyo Olympiad (東京オリンピック), is a 1965 Japanese documentary film directed by Kon Ichikawa about the 1964 Summer Olympics. The film was considered a cinematographic milestone in documentary filmmaking.

  • Massive WaLK.

    Massive WaLK.

    The accompanying music video to the song »Unfinished Sympathy« by Massive Attack (directed by Baillie Walsh) was a single continuous shot of the singer Shara Nelson walking through a Los Angeles neighbourhood, oblivious to her surroundings.

  • Teneriffa.


    Düsseldorf Düsterboys. Walking through Essen.

  • No Walk No Art.

    No Walk No Art.

    Since the early 1970s Hamish Fulton (born 1946) has been labelled as a sculptor, photographer, Conceptual artist and Land artist. Fulton, however, characterises himself as a ‚walking artist‘. read more »»

  • Paris Nord.

    Paris Nord.

    »Paris Nord« by Myr Muratet offers a sensitive look at the fragile, precarious and inventive forms developed by people living on the margins. Through images from the photographer’s series, we discover the interstices of the city as places where intimacy slips in, where the wild and the forgotten cohabit with the domestic and the everyday.…

  • Landscape Theory.

    Landscape Theory.

    »Masao Adachi […] decided to film the story of a 19-year-old boy who murdered four people in four different cities for no apparent reason. To do so, in A.K.A. Serial Killer he created a new approach: fukeiron, or landscape theory. […] The film, with a voiceover by Adachi and a free jazz score, relates the life…

  • Orleans. Colombes.

    Orleans. Colombes.

    »Orleans« David Crosby, Graham Nash»Colombes« by iI était une fois. The title of the song actually is LE CARILLON DE VENDÔME or LES CLOCHES DE VENDÔME and it still is in France a short children’s song that kids learn in primary school. It dates back to the 15th century and is the oldest known French…

  • Versammlung.


    From the catalogue: Hamburger Kunsthalle, Das schwarze Quadrat, 2007Franz Erhard Walther, Versammlung No. 20, 1. Werksatz 1966



    Not only since their intensive working stays in Japan, BIEST have been concerned with the structure, the understanding of self and world, the processing and the thinking that is condensed in and with a piece of fabric like the kimono. With the series Kimono 2.0 they have made an adaptation and an update in linking…

  • White square.

    White square.

    Millions of numbered pressings of the »White Album« double LP – officially entitled »The Beatles« – have been sold around the world since its 1968 release.But, few owners would have imagined the record’s distinctive plain cover could become a blank canvas for an art exhibition in the Beatles‘ home city of Liverpool.New York-based artist Rutherford…

  • Zone urbaine sensible.

    Zone urbaine sensible.

    Une zone urbaine sensible (ou ZUS) était un territoire infra-urbain défini par les pouvoirs publics français pour être la cible prioritaire de la politique de la ville entre 1996 et 2014. Elles étaient au nombre de 751, dont 718 en France métropolitaine, et concernaient près de 7 % de la population française (soit 4,5 millions de…

  • Coupe Decale.

    Coupe Decale.

    Coupé-décalé music burst onto the scene in a war-torn Côte d’Ivoire and is all about having a good time and a flash lifestyle. In Noushi, the language invented by street kids in Côte d’Ivoire, “coupé-décalé” means to “get rich quick by any means and then do a runner”.  Under DJ Jacob, who is credited with…

  • Banlieue de Paris. Doisneau.

    Banlieue de Paris. Doisneau.

    La Banlieue de Paris is a photographic album including a fifty-page text by Blaise Cendrars and 130 plates by Robert Doisneau, who was still little known at the time. The photographer, who lived a large part of his life in the Parisian suburbs, took a large number of photographs there (Cendrars mentions 50,000 negatives). The…

  • Banlieue PLUS.

    Banlieue PLUS.

    »The Banlieues have come to symbolise the urban and societal failures of modern France struggling to come to terms with how it wants itself to look and what it wants itself to say.« Interesting research »» by Richard Baker from the School of Journalism in Manchester about the banlieue, politics, culture, history, football… including maps,…



    Since 2011 Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber have been exploring various phenomena of the Japanese present under the title Japanese Lesson, dealing with subcultures, activism and protest or the political landscape of the major cities of Tokyo and Osaka. In 2019 they developed several walks in districts on the one hand still struggeling with stigmatization…



    In 1977 Japanese artist Norio Imai, former member of the Gutai group, walked through his neighborhood Sumiyoshi in Osaka. (Walking Event/Scene at the Corner ウォーキング・イヴェント/曲り角の風景, 1977) Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber followed his walk in 2019.



    How cultural and social movements have changed the way we dress. »The explosion of hip-hop and rap (and the subsequent airing of such music videos on MTV) validated a maximalist mode of dressing. Dapper Dan of Harlem minted screaming-loud ‘knocked-up’ coats and tracksuits with Louis Vuitton and Gucci logos all over them.« read more»» photo…

  • Paris B-Boy culture.

    Paris B-Boy culture.

    The radical history of Paris B-Boy culture is under threat. Born in the Bronx back in the ’70s, breakdancing later found a similar home in the banlieues of Paris, where marginalised communities adopted the style as a vessel for protest. In 2024, it will feature as an Olympic sport for the first time – but…

  • cult places.

    cult places.

    10 cult places of Parisian Hip Hop in the 80s. « Regarde ta jeunesse dans les yeux, toi qui commande en haut lieu » rapped NTM in Le Monde de Demain in 1990. It is this youth of the 80s – more particularly the youth who lived through the arrival of Hip Hop in France.…

  • mythical places of Hip Hop in Paris.

    mythical places of Hip Hop in Paris.

    The exhibition »Terrains les lieux mythiques du Hip Hop à Paris“ took place Médiathèque Marguerite Duras in 2016, looking back in photos, videos and music at the beginnings of Hip Hop culture in France. read more»»

  • 80*81


    »80*81« is a retro visionary research by Christopher Roth and Georg Diez. Roth and Diez explore in this year-long quest with the collaboration of artists, philosophers, writers, movie directors, actors, astrologists the central question: What happened? Each month one volume will be published, each with a distinct timeline of the events of 1980 and 1981,…

  • Battle of the Year.

    Battle of the Year.

    Portrait from Oliver Sieber’s Imaginary Club.2on2 Breakin Battle World Bboy Classic Rotterdam 2012

  • Le Monde de Demain.

    Le Monde de Demain.

    An arte-series about the beginnings of French hip-hop in the 1980s recounted through the birth of the group NTM and the career of the DJ Dee Nasty and the graffiti artist Lady V.

  • A Sport now.

    A Sport now.

    Breaking is an Olympic discipline now. Read more about that on the official website »»

  • Peripheren.


    In their works, Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber address questions about the structure of cities and the links between urban and social boundaries. Their photographs reveal a particular interest in areas and neighborhoods that are marginalized or carry a certain stigma in the eyes of society. more»»

  • Eyes on PARIS.

    Eyes on PARIS.

    Paris is considered to be the cradle of photography. Paris with its artists, scientists and craftsmen proved to be the ideal breeding ground for the medium. Without a doubt Paris is the most photographed city in the world. read more»»

  • Beastie Boys.

    Beastie Boys.

    Beastie Boys Story is a 2020 American live documentary film, directed, produced, and written by Spike Jonze, alongside Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz. It was filmed at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York and adapted from Beastie Boys Book, a memoir of the Beastie Boys. trailer»»

  • Freeze the moment.

    Freeze the moment.

    A photograph stops time and reduced it to a frozen instant. Life goes on, the subject changes but the photography stays the same, even when the person dies, the image is left behind. The photograph is both the sole remaining relic of the individual and the most inadequate record imaginable.

  • Hip-hop-museum.


    »Anchored in the birthplace of the culture, the Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx celebrates and preserves the history of local and global Hip Hop to inspire, empower, and promote understanding«, a still very small place including over 30,000 objects. You also find a 1986-1990 timeline on their websiste more »» A lot of…

  • Street, Art, Life.

    Street, Art, Life.

    In a group exhibition at the Bronx Museum of the arts in 2007, guest curator Lydia Yee historicizes the street as subject and stage, a space onto which artists project their shifting visions of public life. read»»

  • An ESCAPE.

    An ESCAPE.

    In Clichy-sous-Bois, a poverty-ridden suburb of Paris, residents are making movies about their lives. Supported by superstar filmmaker Ladj Ly, it could offer some a way out. read»»

  • banlieueconnexion


    A website»» about music and artists from the French banlieue including an extensive collection of links and information.

  • Freeze.


    A moment of Freeze: Climate activists glue themselves to airport tarmac in Berlin and Munich. Read more»»

  • Sonne und Beton.

    Sonne und Beton.

    »Sonne und Beton« is a coming-of-age and crime film directed by David Wnendt in 2023 about four classmates break into their school in Berlin-Gropiusstadt, hoping to solve their money problems.The film premiered at the Berlinale in February 2023 and was released in German theaters on March 2, 2023.



    Onora Dafor, professionally known by her stage name Keny Arkana, is an Argentine-French rapper who is active in the alter-globalization and civil disobedience movements. In 2004 she founded a music collective called La Rage du peuple [fr], in the neighborhood of Noailles, Marseille.

  • William Klein.

    William Klein.

    William Klein‘s »Dance Happening June 1961« in collaboration with Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio.

  • Drawing Lines.

    Drawing Lines.

    Yanase Anri, Drawing Lines (Practices for encountering complex and ambiguous worlds 2015-16

  • GUT. ECHT.

    GUT. ECHT.

    Deichkind is a German electropunk band formed in Hamburg in 1997. In this video they are collaborationg with German actor Lars Eidinger.

  • La Haine.

    La Haine.

    La Haine is a 1995 French crime drama film written and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. Starring Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé and Saïd Taghmaoui, the film chronicles a day and night in the lives of three friends from a poor immigrant neighbourhood in the suburbs of Paris.